Doing Good With Rockstar Finance’s Giving Cards Program

Doing Good With Rockstar Finance’s Giving Cards Program

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I recently got to do Good because of a program called the Rockstar Community Fund. The RCF was created by the folks over at Rockstar Finance. Go check it out. Their mission is all about “…empowering others to give back in their own communities in a way that’s fun and meaningful to them…” One of the biggest ways they do this is through their Giving Cards program. Participants can request a gift card, and then use it to do Good in whatever way they see fit.

The Idea

Independent Hoosier, a former police officer who blogs over at Hoosier Financial Independence, and his father donate to the RCF every month. This month, he used his Giving Card to do Good for public servants in my area! I recently wrote a post about how police, firefighters and paramedics could save money on food while they were on duty. IH commented, and it sparked a conversation between us that led to his generous gift.

His idea was to help feed a bunch of public servants while they were on duty. Because we had recently talked about the subject, he reached out to see if I could help make it happen. He wanted to do Good like this because of his respect for anyone in public service and “…to show the personal finance community that the bond between public service members (current and former) is still as strong as ever, even across the country…”. I was definitely on board, and came up with a tasty way for IH to show his appreciation.

The Food

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I have a friend who owns a butcher shop and food truck, so I asked him about helping me feed a bunch of public servants. He loved the idea, and gave us a great deal on burgers and fries. These aren’t just any burgers and fries, mind you. He uses local grass-fed beef that his team of butchers cuts by hand and grinds fresh. The fries are thick cut and cooked in beef tallow left over from the butchering process. In other words, this food is amazing. The burgers melt in your mouth and the fries are just right. Perfect food for hungry public servants!

The Fellowship

Last Friday, I invited a bunch of local firefighters, police officers, and paramedics to stop by the food truck and grab some free lunch during their shift. The food truck cranked out the burgers and fries, and we got to enjoy some fellowship over an awesome meal. Of course, some of us had to answer calls during the meal, but that’s to be expected.

It’s always nice to strengthen the bonds between different agencies and disciplines. We also got to do some Good in the community. The Rockstar Community Fund and IH provided a great way to do that. I know the police officers, firefighters, and paramedics that got to eat were very thankful.

Many thanks, Independent Hoosier!

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  1. THIS!!! YES!!! So wild seeing all the ideas people are coming up with for our #GivingCards – totally made my morning, thank you 🙂 And for sharing it around too so hopefully others get inspired!

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